Sorry, Custom Scentsations LLC i.e. bathbombsaz.com is indefinitely closed.

Why?!  The large majority of our customer base knew to find us at our first and most local market, the Gilbert Art Walk. We started selling our products there the Fall of 2013 and grew clientelle every year.

Over the summer of 2018 we were accepted to the Gilbert Art Walk for our 6th season. With such a large following we paid for the season and purchased inventory to supplement the season. We then opened and partially used the product constituents to kick off our season (Several thousand dollars in supplies and oils).

Two markets into the season the Town of Gilbert approached the owner of the Gilbert Art Walk stating that they want to donate the space that was rented to us to the Mormon Church for a charitable vending machine. Cheri told them it would not be a problem and told them, other vendors and my husband she would find a space for me in the grassy area East of where we were (I was working for the Army that weekend). However what actually happened was the week prior to Veterans' Day we received an email stating we were getting refunded for the season as there was no room for us and she has in her contract the ability to do so. So there we were without the Saturday market inwhich we made 90% of my sales since 2013; gone, poof, just like that; before Black Friday and the holiday season even kicked off. Our business, in essence was a sacrificial lamb. So I guess it is true that the path to hell is paved with good intentions. lol

We applied to the Made with Love Market which is very close to the Gilbert Art Walk. We were told they could get us in but we had to pay the jury fee. We paid the jury fee. They then told us we had to get liability insurance before they could accept me so that evening, which was a Friday, we purchased liability insurance to cover the business and the Town of Gilbert as a secondary insured ($700 for the year). But when we called them the next Monday morning and they told us they were sorry they were booked for the season. Apparently the lady I spoke with didn't hold the spot and her partner booked the market over the weekend. They apologized profusely, but now I was even $710 more in debt and still no Saturday seasonal market.

The Town of Gilbert apologized profusely as well, stating they had no affiliation with the Gilbert Art Walk which I was already aware of. and made space for me at the "Off the Street Market" but it was a once a year event.

The Paisley Pumpkin folks got me in as well, wonderful people with excellent morals and values I might add; but again that was only a few November markets and a fun Balloon Glow event; not a whole season, and being new to that venue and without much of my regular clientelle realizing what happened and where I was, the Mall location overhead was a challenge. Promising enough growth potential and ethical organizers make me consider trying it again and see if it will flourish like the Gilbert Art Walk did, if I had another busy regular Saturday market to get me through December through March/April.

With no local, October thru March, high foot traffic Saturday markets available so late in the season, we had no way of selling all the product we made, and had an excess of inventory that will spoil before we could sell it. I had to get a "real" job to pay off my overhead and closed shop after the Tempe 6th Street Market on December 23, 2018.

We are retaining an inkling of hope to return the Spring of 2020 and will check the availability of local seasonal weekend markets at that time. At that time we will decide whether or not to keep the business going. If we find promising, local Saturday and Sunday markets again, we hope to start over; if not, we suck it up and drive on. We know we disappointed many regular clients. And DEEPLY regret disappointing our youngest clients that looked forward to our products. We really will miss seeing their little eyes light up and the excitement if we cannot return. Plus, I know for folks like me, finding wonderfully scented products for sensitive skin is challenging. I know how to make it for own use, but relished in sharing my products to those that could not. For that reason, I decided to keep my business and tax license in the interim but will not be making and selling product at least until Fall of 2020.

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